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Forget everything you know about country kitchens and instead get to know the new take on the country kitchen. Rougher around the edges, cooler and cleaner this contemporary take on the classic farmhouse kitchen is accessible and perfectly suited to the modern lifestyle. Industrial textures, natural materials and fresh colours make up this.

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Artichoke. 17. Freestanding Cupboards. Fitted kitchens with built-in, wall-to-wall cabinets are a 20th century invention. Using mismatched, freestanding kitchen storage pieces is more in tune with the casual, collected approach and historical references typical of classic English country style.

Nice 40 Rustic Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas Rustic

What Is a Country Style Kitchen? Simply put, a country style kitchen is designed to represent the traditional rural kitchens. These days, many homeowners are opting for the cosy atmosphere of the country aesthetic in their kitchens due to its simplicity and, oftentimes, the nostalgia of the childhood home.

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1. Introduce moody materials (Image credit: Jessica Summer) The ethos of modern French country kitchen design is all about evoking a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, without going full rural Provence. Here, interior designer Jessica Summer sets the scene with earthy tones and plenty of texture.

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Kitchen 7 ways to create a country kitchen - easy design tips and tricks to follow How to create a timeless country kitchen no matter where you live. By The House Beautiful team Updated:.

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Step 1. Natural Materials If you want a modern country kitchen, there has to be a big emphasis on natural materials throughout. Country kitchens were traditionally made with natural materials that were often locally sourced. Wood and stone, such as slate, were commonly used and granite if one could afford it.

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1 Country kitchens ideas: Sage green hues Neptune Refresh and revive your country kitchen with uplifting hues of green. This kitchen from Neptune combines timber ceiling panels with soft sage green walls and cabinets. And it's the most beautiful space. We love the little arched window above the sink to peer out of when washing the dishes.

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Modern country kitchens can feature many kinds of colors, though usually these are warm neutrals, white and creamy, pastels and just muted shades - bright colors aren't about country chic. If you don't feel like white, try tan, grey, olive green, pale blue or pale green and other earthy tones that are associated with nature.

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In a country house by Carlos Garcia, reclaimed flagstones from Norfolk Antique & Reclamation and Plain English cabinetry are given a modern feel by splashes of colour on the island (Plain English's 'Nicotine'), table and door (below).

Modern Country Style Modern Country Kitchen and Colour Scheme

A modern country kitchen style differs significantly from a country kitchen in a classic style. For example, in a classic country kitchen, dark and expressive tones often dominate, whereas you will more-often (but not always) find lighter colours in a modern country kitchen. Modern country kitchens retain the 'homely' character which is at.

Modern Country Style Modern Country Kitchen and Colour Scheme

1. Polished porcelain Pick this everlasting porcelain shade as a versatile foundation that can be teamed with nature-inspired patterns for a cosy, homespun effect. Read More 1. Polished porcelain Creamy neutrals are the go-to shade when designing a country look as it is clean, relaxed and works well with so many other colours.

11 Modern French Country Kitchen Ideas

As for the stylization of the furniture, take a mix-and-match approach between new and old. Blend the two styles together to get the best of both worlds. This harmonious mixing is how the modern country kitchen gets its charm. 15 Modern Country Kitchen Ideas 1. Wood-on-Wood. Wherever "country" is concerned, wood is sure to be prominent.